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What is the glass insulating coating?

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What is the glass insulating coating?
Glass insulation coating is a kind of functional building coating technology used on glass, directly painted on the surface of glass, forming a thin film, with transparent, insulating and ultraviolet –proof function.
It originated in the United States and Prosperity in Japan. It has been popularized in Japan. In China, the glass insulation coating has developed rapidly in recent years. There are dozens of domestic brands in China, but the product quality is uneven.
The glass insulation coating is mainly divided into water-based and oil-based. The main ingredients for nano materials (such as: ATO solution, ITO solution, AZO solution, GZO solution) and all kinds of resin (such as: acrylic resin, polyurethane resin, silicone resin, silicone acrylic resin, etc.) with other coatings additives (such as wetting agent, curing agent, leveling agent, defoaming agent, stabilizing agent, coupling agent, etc.).
The effect of glass insulation coating.
High transmittance does not affect the optical properties of glass.High heat insulation, effectively blocking sunlight energy; High UV insulation to protect indoor objects.
Performance parameter list
Infrared insulation
Direct absorption rate of the solar spectrum.
The barrier infrared rate is greater than 70%.
The reflected infrared rate is less than 20%.
Wave length: 780-780 nm
Visible transmittance
Visible light transmittance is greater than 70%.
Wave length: 380-380 nm
Ultraviolet insulation performance
The uv insulation rate is greater than 99%.
The heat insulation principle
There are three ways to transmit heat, convection and radiation.
Most of the glass insulation is heat absorption, with a small portion of it directly into radiating heat.
Mainly by blocking infrared band from the sun reach the indoor to get thermal insulation effect.
Construction method of glass insulation coating:
Spray, sponge brush, spray gun spray, roller coating.
Currently YUJIU company use the sponge brush coating methods, not limited to the construction environment, easy to use, save material, save labor, coating more construction area , etc.
Advantages of insulation glass coating:
1. Simple and convenient construction.
2. The thermal insulation of energy saving effect is remarkable.
3. High uv insulation.
At present, it has played an extremely important role in the renovation of existing buildings in China. It is the first choice of glass energy saving, and it is an upgrade of glass insulation film.