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        Shahe Yujiu New Materials Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2013 with total investment of 400 million RMB. Its research center is in Shanghai, and the manufacture base in Shahe,Hebei,the most productive glass city in China.It adopts the most advanced equipment from the Japanese company Miyako Roller Co.,Ltd,and the leading surface coating techniques from the Lida Shigeki, who is a well-known scientist and inventor owning many international patents in coating techniques. In 2015,we were selected as one of the key developing companies in Hebei Province.

In use of our independent intellectual properties and all the advanced techniques, we have successfully applied functional Nano coating on traditional rigid plates, which would have huge market potential. We aim to be the number one biggest company of China in the functional rigid plates’ market.
Moreover, we creatively invented the first production line for the fine coating, which makes the traditional manual coating process into industrialization. It greatly enhanced the productivity and quality of the products. The first generation of our products can be applied in the building glass area such as the glass wall, luxury hotels and residential constructions. Some of research findings can also he applied in area such as flat-plate solar, windows and doors, cars and planes, acoustic panel on high way, agricultural greenhouse construction and etc.
YUJIU development team, led by Japanese scientists, returnee PhD and masters established a scientific laboratory, with completely independent intellectual property rights. The company has in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hebei three world-class lab, at the same time have a dozen international and domestic invention patents.

The shahe production base covers an area of 260,000 m2 and has a fully enclosed dustproof workshop with 6,000 floors.
Independently developed the first fully automatic SUNFORT glass coating production line.
The annual output of zero-e coated glass reaches 2.6 million square meters.

The production workshop of lekili paint produces 100 tons of high functional nano coatings.
Self-developed fully automatic, totally enclosed, no waste gas, no waste material environmental coating production line.
Environmentally friendly and energy-saving full zero-e coated glass curtain wall buildings.
Pure glass and zero-e coated glass experience test room.
The production workshop of lekili paint produces 35 tons of high functional nano coatings.